About Us

Beacon Point Limited is Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Project of Beacon Group of Companies, where Beacon Pharmaceuticals is a part it.
Beacon Point Limited is the first top rated internationally acclaimed and ISO Certified premium Drug Addiction and Mental Illness treatment facility in Bangladesh. The world class programs are the basis for the standard of treatment at Beacon Point Limited. We have internationally well trained professional counselors and experienced medical team to provide international standard treatment. Our professional staff, chefs, administrative and house staff will ensure that our clients are extremely well taken care of during their stay with us on all levels while residing at the utmost comfortable environment of Beacon Point. Our facility is designed for a limited number of clients. As a result, we can take well and proper care of every individual client and meet his specific need. Beacon Point Limited has been set up to help the still suffering drug addicts, alcoholics and Mentally Ill people and their families.


Epidemic of Drug Addiction & Mental Illness in our Country.


Drug Addiction

In today’s world drug addiction and has become a fearsome disease for the society. Our beloved Bangladesh is also not spared from the wrath of the monster called “Addiction”. As we are a developing country, the disease especially to our youth is imposing a very heavy impact on our economic and social downfall. The youth of our society is failing prey to this powerful enemy and has become the greatest threat to our prosperity. This problem is causing harms to our families, society, Economy and Overall our country. And with the problem crime rates are increasing day-by-day. Recent study says that total cost of Yaba consumption last year was over than 10000 Core BDT mean around 120 Billion USD. Our government has already started some operations to control this epidemic but even then it’s rising day by day and destroying our nation.

Mental illness

Mental health is a global problem and ranks fourth in the list of top 10 deadly diseases. Although the number of people suffering from mental illness is rising in Bangladesh, their proper medical care is being hindered as the mental health sector has been confronted with myriad of problems including acute shortage of skilled manpower and resources. A significant number of adult people of the country suffer from any form of Mental Illness. A new survey of the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) reveals that about 31 % adult people of the country is suffering from any form of Mental Illness, which is almost double than the previous survey conducted in 2005. It is an unpalatable reality that a person with mental disorders is looked upon as a burden on the family and the society. He or she is treated shabbily and becomes victim of torture, harassment, neglect and scorn in the family and everywhere he/she goes. It is very unfortunate that these people are bearing the brunt of the malady they are not responsible for. A little bit of sympathy that can be a solace for them is a rare thing for them.


Creation of Beacon Point

In this troubled time for the country and it’s destroying lives Beacon Group of Companies has come forward with its social responsibilities. We believe that it is the high time to do something to tackle these problems and that thought resulted in creation of Beacon Point Limited, the first international standard Addiction and Mental Illness Treatment Center of the country. We want to change those peoples life and their family’s sufferings, raise awareness in the society and establish a drug free country step by step.