After care

most of the people think that after staying in a rehabilitation center for a certain period of time treatment is over and the person is cured. But this is totally wrong. The treatment of Drug addiction or Mental illness is a lifetime process where the patient must follow certain things and their families have a very important role in this process. For that reason we have developed a total guideline for a client and his/her family. We call it The After-Care.

After care includes:

icon-img Regular Follow up

icon-img Relapse Prevention

icon-img Family Therapy

icon-img Lifetime Membership

Regular Follow Up

After finishing the rehabilitation and going back to home it is very important for our clients to visit our center time to time. We decide and give our clients a follow up routine depending on their overall condition. In the follow-ups we arrange his appointment with doctor and counselor/psychologists as per needed. We also examine his urine for scanning the presence of any drugs and we evaluate his/her mental situation.

Relapse Prevention & Support Groups

Studies have shown that 40-70 % people relapse after getting treatment. So we have a strong support system to prevent the person from using again. Regular follow up is one of the strategies of relapse prevention. We also give literature, books and other materials of relapse prevention. We continuously motivate them to stay sober for lifetime.

Self Help Group

Every Wednesday we arrange a gathering in our center for both of our recovering clients and in-house clients. Then we take them out for evening snacks. They pass sometime together and share their experience about their experience of a drug free life. It helps both the in house patients and recovering patients.

NA & AA Support Groups

There are two supporting groups for addicts all over the world. These are the groups for those people who have stopped using drugs. These groups are open for every kind of recoveries. There are many people around the world who are sober attending and participating with these groups. So we always encourage our clients to join these groups. We make all kind of arrangements to engage them with these groups.

Lifetime Membership

We are always ready to help our clients in their crisis moments. Once someone takes treatment from us they become our Life Time Member. Our clients can come to our center anytime they like. We are always here for helping them. We don’t add any extra charges for our x clients for food or other things. We also help them over phone in case of any kind of emergency.

Family Therapy

Studies have shown that people having bad relations with family members and having family problems caught up with drug addiction or mental problems easily. Beside that when a person become drug addicted or mentally ill our society or families don’t see it like a disease. They see these things as curse or judge the sufferers as bad person. It is totally wrong and very much harmful for the suffering person. So when we start treatment of our patients we also start to involve their families and motivate them day by day. We also do family counseling by our psychologists and counselors as per need.