Indoor Entertainment

In-House Entertainment and Recreation

When a person becomes dependent to drugs or becomes mentally ill he/she loses the sense of healthy entertainment. They only feel pleasure doing drugs because drugs releases some chemicals in a person’s brain which give him/her pleasure. So when someone gets admitted in our facility then after some days we motivate them to practice enjoying their life without Drugs. And for that reason we provide them some indoor games and entertainment.

We have an open space for their gathering. In that common space we have a large LED TV so that they can watch movies or TV channels together and socialize. We also provide those Inspirational Movies, Music etc.

In the common space we have a Pool Board fully equipped and a premium quality Hand Soccer.

We also have some board games like Carrom board, Chess, Ludo, Monopoly and Plain Cards.

We daily provide them Bangla and English Newspaper to stay updated with the outside world.

We arrange game tournaments in almost every special days to increase their social and communication skills.

We also have a well arranged Library with various types of books. Any client can read books when he wants to. We also motivate them to create a habit of reading books.