In our institution the most important part is our Medical Services Department. Health of our patients is our first consideration. We respect all secrets that are confined with us. We don’t consider any consideration between patient and us.
Our Vice President Dr. Md. Nurul Hoque is the Head of the Department. He observes and controls each and every activity of this Department. This Department ensures all the services related to our clients total treatment plan. When a client is admitted then he/she is directly transferred to this department.


Our medical service is the best that you can trust. We have all kind of modern medical equipments to handle any kind of emergency situations of our clients. We have premium quality Oxygen cylinder, Sucker Machine, Nebulizer, Glucometer, Digital Thermometer, Pulse Oxymetry, Wheel Chair, etc.


We have a well equipped dispensary that provides all types of drugs a patient may need in an emergency situation. It is supervised by our Nursing Staffs all the time.

Duty doctors

We have very skilled and qualified doctors. All are specially trained in treating and handling these types of patients. They are very co-operative, well mannered and have good sense of responsibilities. Our medical team is always ready to provide service 24/7 in every days of the week.

Nursing stuff

We have a good quality of nurses who are always standing by. They are indeed very caring empathic, adaptive, hard working with excellent communication abilities. They are always prepared to provide any kind of service to our clients with the specific instructions from our doctors supervised by our Head of Medical Services.

Ward Attendants

We have a large number of ward attendants male and female to look after our clients 24 hours. We have trained them specially to treat our clients carefully. They are bound to give any kind of service to the clients as per need. We have trained them with specific instructions about their criteria of their work and their limitation. They are smart, liable, and responsive and dedicated to their work.