Safety And Security

Security and Safety

The treatment process of Drug Addiction and Mental Illness require a specific time to keep the patients Isolated. In some cases they can be violent or very problematic during starting days of the Treatment. So there is matter of security and safety of the clients.

So considering these facts we have developed our security system very wisely and made sure that every inch of our premises is properly monitored. We have our guards 24/7 on duty starting from the entrance gate to our full facility. Our total premises are fully covered under CCTV monitoring including the common spaces of our clients floor. And our ward attendants always monitor the client’s activities 24/7.

We have trained our staffs for any kind of fire urgency. We also have the proper fire safety equipments in our premises to manage any kind of emergency and we monitor the conditions of our fire safety instruments regularly.
So you can be fully assured about the safety and security of your nearest person.