Drug addiction or Mental Illness is such a dangerous disease that causes harm to not only physical or mental health but also affects a person’s morality and spirituality.
For this reason we have some activities that can help a person to restore his sanity.

We a have well organized prayer room and an Imam to motivate our clients to engage in religious activities.

If anyone wants to learn Quran or Hadid our Imam teach them very carefully.

In Our prayer room we arrange Jamaat 5 times a day.

In every month we arrange a special program for our clients where an Alem come and motivate them to raise their awareness about leaving drugs in the point of view of Islam.

We also have a Library containing Religious books. Any client can read them whenever they want.

We believe that nothing is possible without the grace of Almighty. So we assure you that we have the capability to engage our clients to Religious activities and restore their Spiritual Awakening.